Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Davao FAT 2008: Marco Polo Hotel's Polo Bistro

Several stops on the second day of the Davao Food Appreciation Trip: TAPS, the Food Processors Association of Davao, and Kasagingan, none of which I was able to join owing to the last day of my film appreciation class at Ateneo. All except for dinner at Marco Polo Hotel's Polo Bistro.

What's that, you say? Marco Polo Hotel? As in THE Marco Polo Hotel? Well, yes and yes. THE Marco Polo Hotel, the swankiest hotel in Davao City. Sosi, di ba?

I'll admit: even this was a surprise to me. As it turns out, Karyn, the public relations manager of the hotel, had read of our past Davao Food Trips and extended the invitation to the Mindanao Bloggers to try out their wares. Who are we to refuse?

And I must say, it was an impressive spread indeed. Dinner was at the Polo Bistro, at the fourth floor of the hotel, near the pool area. Our long table, jazzed up in the fanciest cloths and centerpieces, overlooked Marco Polo's Olympic-sized swimming pool. T'was a sight, too, what with special lighting that bestowed a deep blue to the water.

The evening was made all the more memorable with the special attention of Karyn and Chef Alex. Chef Alex preceded each dish with a brief explanation of the concept and ingredients.

Appetizers started with seared tuna with cucumber and crabstick relish. It was a complementary combination, the seared tuna being mildly spicy hot and the cucumber relish being sweetly cool.

Then came the three cheese French onion soup. The cheeses were: mozzarella, parmesan, and ementhal. The onion soup was fragrant and tangy, quite rich and flavorful. It was a treat to dig into the melted cheese toppings.

The soup was followed by another serving of salad of mixed fruits and greens. According to Chef Alex, this was to reset our tastebuds for the main course that was to follow.

The main course was prawn thermidor, a small pasty filled with prawns in mushroom sauce. The pastry crust was lightly baked and buttery. The prawns were uniform in size and perfectly cooked. The sauce was smooth and creamy, not too overwhelming in taste. I ate mine with rice, and nibbled a bit on the pastry covering when that was all done.

As if we weren't full enough, at last came the dessert, coconut and mango cream brûlée. The brûlée was extra special as it won the Golden Award in the Mindanao Culinary Contest. And well-deserved, too, as the brulée was light yet tasty.

After that, they also served durian creme brulée. I would have wanted to dig in, but there just. wasn't. room. anymore.

Worthy of mention, too, was the orange-and-spinach juice that I ordered. The taste of freshly squeezed orange juice, juice bits included, really came through. And you know...I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam. Koi! koi! koi! koi!

Does all this come at a price? Undoubtedly. I purposely did not look at the menu because, otherwise, I would have to live with feelings of guilt for the next couple of days. But then again, if you're out to impress some guests or that special someone, and I mean REALLY impress, then you can't go wrong with Marco Polo.

Side note: I've had the dinner buffet at Marco Polo and I can tell you it was well worth it. It costs P600 per person, but if you go with someone who has the Marco Polo card (tip: look for friends who just had their wedding reception or even a couple of nights' stay there) you can get 50% off.


  1. true. no one can really go wrong with Marco when it comes to impressions. :P

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  4. hahaha, you really are a meanie aren't you?

  5. Sometimes... :-)

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  6. ellow, sir dom, sowee kung naoffend kah sa comment koh. curiuous lang poh meh about how to join your group. akalah koh poh taga davao lang, bakit may taga gensan sa gropu nyoh?