Monday, March 24, 2008

Davao FAT 2008: Eden Nature Park

Backblogging the Davao FAT 2008 visits. All my pictures were in my office computer so I didn't have a chance to post over the long holiday. Here they are!

Eden Nature Park has become, in recent years, one of the main tourist attractions of Davao City. It's a sprawling mountain resort and convention center that is now a favorite destination for wedding receptions and vacationeers. I had been to Eden once before, but it was a treat to have it included in the itinerary for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2008.

A day tour of Eden Nature Park costs P420 (P280 for children). With this package, you get a buffet lunch and access to the basic facilities. Other attractions, e.g., the guided tour, the swimming pool, and horseback riding cost extra. You have to make reservations to enter the park beforehand by calling their booking office at 299-1020.

Now, as far as buffets go, Eden's offering doesn't really offer anything spectacular. The meal is hefty so you're assured of having your fill. In our case, it was grilled fish, barbecued chicken, rice, and noodles; however, it wasn't anything special as it seemed to be standard fare for any native restaurant. The dessert of cassava pudding was marginally better, but again, nothing really to write home about.

On the other hand, where Eden excels is in their fruits and salads. Eden grows its own produce, all of it organically in their sprawling garden area (with a few experimental hydroponic nurseries.) In the guided tour, you can actually smell the fragrant scent of herbs permeating the air.

So it's no surprise that their vegetable salads come with the freshest ingredients. The lettuce was fresh, crunchy, leafy, and full; the tomatoes were red, juicy, and tasty. Even an avowed PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) member like me had to go for seconds on their salad bar. Just a friendly tip: you can skip the buffet and load up on the salads instead.

Of course, the real attraction in Eden Nature Park is the resort itself. Plenty of opportunities for pictures and more pictures!
Gwing with her ubiquitous flowery umbrella.

Buksan mo ang bintana....

I do believe I already know what to wish for....

An alternative career for aspiring engineer Winston 'Batang Yagit' Almendras

One of the free-roaming fowl of Eden

Migs flies high

Tiara is scared, but smiling nonetheless.... It's a three-story tower she's looking down from.

Gwing in-flight. Her scream can be heard from a kilometer away.

Gwing just after her ride

Blogie coming in to land.


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