Friday, March 28, 2008

Davao City Blackout

The lights went out at around 6:30PM, just as I was finishing up a blog post on my computer at the store. Totally unexpected as power in Davao has been fairly reliable. I hollered for the girls to close the store. Outside, only the passing cars and jeepneys shed light on the city streets.

It's funny how we find new uses for ordinary things at times like these. Stuck without a flashlight, I groped on my table for my cellphones (I'm carrying two on some days, no surprise there). I punched the keys, and voila, light. Not terribly bright but enough to move through the murk carefully without tripping over. Luckily, we had some candles handy.

On the street, I squinted for an Obrero-bound jeepney: I didn't realize how hard it was to see the signs without the streetlights. The City Triangle building that I stood by had a generator humming but was stingy with its light.

The ride from CM Recto to Juan Luna was utterly black; the blackness extended well into Obrero. I stumbled on home and had dinner by candlelight, resigned to an evening without power.

The lights came back around 7:30PM.

Strange: no mention about this in the papers this morning.