Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wiretap of Joey de Venecia and Jun Lozada

Caught wind of this in the radio this morning and decided to look it up as soon as I got on the Internet: the wiretapped conversation of Joey de Venecia and Jun Lozada.

Whoever put this out certainly wants to damage the credibility of the ZTE star witnesses. The action may have unintended consequences, however.

Granted that Joey de Venecia and Jun Lozada did have the conversation and were complicit in the corruption, it also shows three other things:

First, it lends credence to Jun Lozada's claim that Abalos said he wiretapped their conversations. Who has that capability? What of other wiretapped conversations?

Second, it supports the figures bandied about since the middle of last year. There's mention of the $130-M kickback. There's also mention of efforts to reduce the amount. Abalos is referred to as the "gatekeeper" of the account.

Third, it points to plans by the Chinese to put up a 16-hectare embassy along Roxas Boulevard. This is not significant of itself, but if this item proves to be true, it indicates the depth of knowledge that Jun Lozada has of these movements.

Of these, the third item is to me the most disturbing. It hints at the extent of these activities and their extranational nature. Together with the "web of corruption" diagram (shown in the print edition of the PDI), it shows that we are caught in China's efforts to expand its sphere of influence within the Philippines, while correspondingly diminishing the United States' own influence.

In other words, we are once more pawns in an international game.

I want to know: how much more does Jun Lozada know? How much of the activities he is aware of crosses the threshhold of treason? Who is involved?


  1. or even if the audio is authentic and unspliced, the people will believe that this is just the Dark Side's propaganda!

  2. What's interesting about this particular issue is that no one is coming out of this one clean.

    If it's true, then (1) Lozada and Joey are shown as conniving to bilk the Filipino people as well as the Chinese embassy, and (2) Abalos had them wiretapped courtesy of the gov't. If it's false, then (1) someone is out to dirty Lozada's 'clean' image or (2) someone is out to frame Abalos.

    Honestly, I think it's true because it's more... believable.

    Btw, sorry if I'm commenting on your political posts here. Unfortunately, this is the only place I get to express my political analysis kuno. :-D

  3. No worries, Joe. Feel free to comment ;-)

    My mind is already thinking about treasonous acts that may have been committed. Seen the Correspondents special episode tying these things to the Spratlys?

  4. If Abalos was the one who ordered the wiretap, then how come he himself has a conversation with Joey floating around YouTube as well? Go to YouTube and search for 'zte wiretap' and you'll see it there.