Thursday, February 28, 2008

"How good is your Kung Fu?"

Via Spidamang:

Aaaaah! Jet Li and Jackie Chan together! Fanboy heaven!

And here I thought that Jet Li had kissed Kung-Fu movies goodbye. Thank goodness he changed his mind.

Never mind that it's a Hollywood production, and never mind that it has the obligatory American "Chosen One" teen hero. I am going to WATCH this movie.


  1. Hi Dom,
    This comment has nothing to do with the movie.
    I was looking at the geek t-shirt ad and thought you might like this link from a bloggger in Ireland.

  2. Fanboy heaven indeed. :D
    Jet Li has quit doing kung fu epic movies (once upon a time in china, fearless and the like) saying he didn't have to prove anything on that genre any more. But he's still doing martial arts movies.
    Obviously I'm a fan. hehe

  3. Fangirl here. ;-) ... Can't wait for this movie to come out!

  4. WA!!! JACKY CHAN & JET LI ?!!! Kailan to? I'm a fan! Parang crossover lol - 2 giants together.