Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Forgiving Manero

Fellow Davao blogger Keith Bacongco witnesses Norberto Manero's visit to Kidapawan where, over twenty years ago, he murdered Fr. Tulio Favali and attempted to kill Fr. Peter Geremia. Fr. Geremia was on hand to welcome and forgive Manero.

Repentance and forgiveness is such forgotten words nowadays, or reduced to mere trivialities, that seeing the pictures sent chills down my spine. Would I be able to? Would you? We must.


  1. Why are you so silent on recent political circus?
    I want to hear your thoughts.

  2. Well, I always figured Manero is harder to forgive because he's eaten human flesh. Yanno, like those who survived the Donner Party expedition or those soccer players in the Andes. Except it was by his choice.