Friday, February 22, 2008

Erwin Santos, copycat

Photo from The Professional Heckler

"You're nothing but a second-rate trying-hard copycat!"

I can't help but laugh out loud every time I see Erwin Santos cry on TV. For those of you who don't know it, Santos is the former aide of Jun Lozada at the Philippine Forestry Corporation, now tearfully confessing to all the wrongs committed by his old boss. (This he did on a government-owned TV channel. How convenient.)

While I'm not in a position to weigh the veracity of Erwin Santos' accusations, I can judge him based on his lachrymal performance. And the verdict "mwa" and four "ha's." As in "mwa ha ha ha ha!"

In the main, it's because this wet confession has all the earmarks of a "Me, too!" performance. Erwin Santos cribbed everything from Jun Lozada, down to the protestations of "I-still-consider-you-as-my-friend." It's just that, whether from a lack of sincerity or thespic skills (or both), Santos cannot even begin to match Jun Lozada. There simply is no "oomph!"

To quote the great Cherie Gil: "You're nothing but a second-rate trying hard copycat!"

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  1. I really hate people who comment on other people. They're judmental asshole! You can always view yourself in the mirror and comment on yourself, how ugly you are!!!

  2. Anonymous: you just commented on me, therefore you also hate yourself.

  3. Hi Dom.
    Don't you just love anonymous comments?

  4. Hi, Robert: oh, yesh! Especially if they make my job so easy.

    Mwa ha ha ha ha!

  5. Hehe welcome to the wild world of blogging, anon. Now go grow some balls and put on a bloody name. ;-)

  6. I am also anonymous.
    But I love VIS.
    I was the one to prod this boy to start blogging about political scandals again when he just blogged on and one about movie and this and that...

    I love your recent blogs!

  7. yup i agree at nakakahiya pa sya, i think i know him.parang kasama ko sya sa Narra Dorm UP Diliman in 1998.

  8. Yup, sya nga ata. Pi Sigma ata sya if im not mistaken.

  9. Narrehan panahon ni AsprecAugust 03, 2008 12:51 AM

    Fellow Narrehans, yup taga narra nga sya... nakasama ko siya sa ilang activities at tumakbo din siya under STAND-UP. Hardline aktibista cya dati eh. I sense something is wrong with his coming out...kasi ok siya as a person... mukhang napilitan lang siyang lumabas...

  10. Franco M. (ex BS Math-Narra 95)August 03, 2008 1:01 AM

    'nong nangyari ke preng erwin... may nagudyok dyan malmang... kasama pa yan ni Renato Reyes sa LFS eh... nakikita ko yan naka pila sa Vinzons for d STFAP... caught in between cya sa mga events na to' tsk tsk tsk