Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Davao Food Trip: Metro Grub

Saturday evening found me, care of the Davao Food Trip series, in the company of blogpals at Metro Grub. Now, I'm no stranger to Metro Grub, having patronized the joint several times in the past. But it was good to have dinner there with a larger group.

Metro Grub is one of the restaurants in Metro Avenue. It's a small place, almost-but-not-quite a hole in the wall. In keeping with the now-popular cafe style, the dining area spills out into the Metro Avenue covered court.

Metro Grub has a no-frills student ambience. That's not surprising since it caters largely to the students from Holy Cross. This is not to say that it's dingy or unkempt; in fact, Metro Grub is immaculately clean and well-kept. Metro Grub just seems well-suited to informal gatherings I associate with college students.

(One talking point for the evening was Metro Grub's tables: they had compartments underneath where you could keep your bags and other things. It was a hit with us notebook-toting bloggers.)

Metro Grub's menu falls within the affordable end of the mid-range scale. Prices range from P40 to P120, with their rice bowl offerings hovering around P60 to P80. Since it's catering to the yuppie and student market, Metro Grub's specialties focus on single-serve dishes.

My personal favorite in Metro Grub is their ample Chicken Teriyaki rice bowl. It's the right blend of sweet and savory. It's served with sticky rice and buttered vegetables, so it hits the spot. I also had a spot of pork spare ribs, something I'll be trying in full sometime soon.

The other dishes we tried included their tangy kinilaw and their eponymous Metro Grub Chips. The other fellows each ordered their own bowls and dishes so there wasn't much opportunity to share. That's all right, though: I'll be going back for additional servings soon.

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