Friday, December 14, 2007

WebHosting Choice

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As an occasional IT consultant and general tech go-to guy for family and friends, I get lots of queries about web hosting. On the whole, the questions are of a simple and practical nature: how to put up a site, how much it would cost, and how quickly it can be done. The answers are rarely as simple, though, as one detail begets another: domain names, email, databases, bandwidth, disk space, etc. And most important of all, which company to sign up for hosting.

This is where a site like WebHosting Choice comes in handy. WebHosting Choice is comprehensive enough to answer the range of questions web hosting newbies ask. At the same time, there's enough depth for even more experienced hands to learn a thing or two.

Possibly the most useful aspect of WebHosting Choice is its Learning Center. There's the usual FAQ but there's also a nice Quick Start page and another on Cheap Hosting. Going into more detail, there's coverage of domains, bandwidth, and collocation. Then there are other considerations I didn't think about, such as scams.

Take, for example, the Frequently Asked Questions. It really does cover the typical set of questions thrown at me. My personal favorite: "I have a fast Internet connection -- can't I just host my own site?" The answer is pretty much the way I would have responded.

A tad disappointing, though, is the main feature of the site, which is supposed to be a web hosting directory. The data just isn't very well organized. There's some attempt to categorize the hosters according to features they offer, but as you drill down, there's not much differentiation that's made. The design of this catalog really needs to highlight the differences.

Equally disappointing is the search engine. It doesn't really turn up the results you expect. For example, I did a search for hosting plans under $5 with zero setup cost, but the returned results still list those outside of that range. This certainly needs a bit more work.

As a rudimentary directory, though, WebHosting Choice works well enough. The report on the offerings provided by each company has enough detail for a webhost shopper make some quick comparisons. The tutorial sectionm, as mentioned, is quite comprehensive and detailed, and should help newbies sort through the mess of options out there.

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