Monday, December 31, 2007

Last post for 2007

Well, here we are: the last day of 2007. For all its ups and downs, it's already time to say goodbye. There's much to be thankful for, and -- what would life be without them? -- a dash of regret and disappointment.

The things I'm thankful for:

1) Safe delivery of Jerrard Luke. This has been the most anticipated family event this year. I have to hand it to my sister for making it look so easy.

2) Publication of two of my short stories, one in Philippine Genre Stories Christmas Special and the other in Philippine Speculative Fiction III. I've gotten positive feedback from these stories, so I'm mighty grateful and encouraged. More to come in the coming year.

3) Spro Coffee Shop, for giving me a gang to hang out and play games with. I don't get along easily with most people, so I'm thankful I melded well with the Spro gang. Sadly, Spro didn't quite make it through the year, but I'm hoping it will resurrect sometime soon.

4) The Usual Suspects, a.k.a., Mindanao Bloggers, another wonderful group of guys and gals to hang out with. Free food, too!

5) Ateneo de Davao University. It started out as a lark, just something to while the spare time away, but it's gotten semi-serious. AdDU has its share of shortcomings, true, but I'm taking all the good that I can get out of it, like-minded classmates among them (not to mention all the pretty ones.)

6) The 46th National Writers Workshop. The summer workshop was a remedial of sorts. I'm glad I was there. I made more friends, and I got to know some of the contemporary literary greats even better.

7) Davao, my home for the year. Biking hasn't been as good as in Dumaguete, but all things considered, it's not a bad place to be in.

8) Open source, for giving me my financial opportunities this year.

9) My Nintendo DS, for hours and hours of gaming goodness.

10) ...and of course, all you pals out there in the blogosphere. Thanks for following the stories here.

See you all in the New Year!


  1. Dooooom, Haaaaapppppyyyy Neeeeewwwww Yeeeeeaaaaarrrrr! Internet service laaaaaaagggggiiiiiinnnnng!

    You know how i can get hold of the christmas issue of genre which featured your story on th 3 wise guys? :D

  2. Happy New Year from the U.S.A.


  4. Happy New Year, Dominique! :) What a nice, nice year you had. Cheers to an even better year ahead!