Friday, December 14, 2007

After the Money Chase

What would you do if you already had all that you needed?

It seems impolitic to ask, especially for us. We have been primed to think that ours is a poor country and will forever be so. Will we ever really have everything that we need? Even if not our own, there's a whole web of social and familial obligations that must be fulfilled. All our needs will never be met, so we're caught in that eternal money chase that takes us to faroff lands and through various contortions. We are Sisyphus; money is our rock.

But...what if? What would you do?

Would you escape every year to Europe and the United States? Would you strut about in your Jimmy Choos with a Fendi slung around your shoulders? Would you zoom about in a BMW with a pretty young thing in the passenger seat? Would you party every night with the socialites?

And then...what? After you've visited every country and bought every trinket and driven every sportster and shagged every tease: what next?

For a great many, the answer is in religion, the refuge for the weariness of old age and atonement for transgressions committed in youth. For others, it's social work among the less-privileged, a secular alternative for those wary of the church.

And then...what? After you've worn your knees out on the altar and your hands grow callouses from the shovel: what next?

Would you sit in the house doing nothing (and then rest afterwards?) Would you loll about the mall watching people go by? Would you tan yourself brown at the beach listening to the surf against rocks? Would you spy on your neighbor to add to his list of shortcomings?

And then...what?

The question, if you haven't given it enough thought beforehand, does not lend itself to easy answers. If it hits you unprepared, you'll quite likely go off the deep end. Alzheimer's comes to mind; that, or the muzzle of a gun to the temple. It's probably God's small mercy, then, that we have just enough needs that go unmet to keep us from facing such ignominious ends. But even that just barely dodges the issue.

Really, now: what would you do if you already had all that you needed?


  1. How about looking for the holy grail of life? Do you think immortality would be fun if you've got everything already?

  2. I'd spend my time catching up on my reading backlog.

  3. If you already have everything you need, then I guess it is time to die. As long as we are alive, we will always need something. Some of the needs are borne out of our desire to be better or some due to uncontrollable circumstances. The "needs" will always be there.

  4. what about giving away what is so freely given to us, namely, the love in our heart. maybe one day we learn it is not about getting, it is about giving. Of course it is difficult sometimes, so there is the challenge. It will be done in a unique way that is as only we ourselves can do.

  5. Uhh...when is the last time you received freely given love from people other than your mommy?
    There is a lot of freely given hate out there brother.

  6. When I have everything I'd give a lot to those who don't have. I don't care about religion anymore, but I guess God is more interested in how you relate and care about people, rather than going to the church every Sunday.

    Uhhh, the lack of a lot of things is keeping me sane. Sometimes I would have gone insane but reflecting on what I have been taught, these are but normal nowadays. That the world will go worse and worst, and that people will be hating each other more in the coming days.

    I would have been frowning this time about a lot of things that I don't have, and a lot of expectations that are unmet. Which I sometimes do.

    Sometimes I would reflect on my life and you would say it's pathetic. But if I really dig deep am happy and joyful nevertheless because I am a survivor, and all my experiences made me strong.

    Even though I'll have nothing and all the good and wonderful things around me taken away, I'll still be joyful. Because it's better than frowning when you have nothing.

    These are realities, but thanks God, he said He will prevail no matter what. And we can trust in Him no matter how insane and hateful this world is.

    In the end, I'd say that life is simple: give and it will be given back to you; hate and you will be hated back; love and you will be loved.

    In a nutshell: You reap what you sow. You can't escape this rule no matter how rich or how powerful you are.