Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Still here

Er, just in case you were wondering: yes, I'm still here.

My blogging muse took a temporary leave over the long holiday, time which I took to get some rote stuff done. I think it might have been the upsetting events of the past month: the Glorietta "gas explosion", the bribery scandals, the Erap pardon, and the sheer brazenness with which our "leaders" continue to operate...but I'm getting all worked up again.

A quick summary of What Has Gone Before:

November 6: dealing with sexual harassment (more on that in a future post...maybe)

November 5: enrolled for the second semester classes in Literature in Ateneo de Davao

November 4: Sunday, a day of rest.

November 3: meeting with the Davao Writers Guild

November 2: working on my long delayed project with the UNDP

November 1: biked to Davao Memorial, visited the graves of my grandparents, and met the people of my childhood.