Friday, October 26, 2007

The whole world is black

I cannot adequately express the disgust I feel at the recent turn of events. Only this picture seems to suffice.


  1. Hi Dom,
    In your previous entry you wrote:"Of all the countries in the world, we are probably unique in yet another matter: that, in the event of a terrorist attack, the government is immediately one of the prime suspects in the public opinion. Truly democratic countries do not need to resort to such tactics, and truly authoritarian countries do not need to hide behind such subterfuge."
    Well, there are some here in the U.S. who believe Bush was really responsible for the planes crashing into the twin towers on 9/11.I'm not one of those,I just wanted to point out that ideas like that aren't unique to Philippines.

  2. That picture is nice shade of black.

  3. Hello Dom. This is Twiggy, one of the fellows in the 46th NWW.

    Congratulations sa PSFV3! ;p

    Looking forward to read your story.

  4. Hiya Dom, here one little video to shed a little light. :)