Monday, October 01, 2007

Seven Days

If you knew you only had seven days left to live, how would you live it?

That was an essay question posed in an Ateneo de Davao philosophy class. It's the kind of topic designed to elicit all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings -- of how you should be nice to other people, how you should take time to enjoy every moment. In short, it just begs to become a Hallmark Card moment.

And that type of response, of course, just feels artificial, dishonest, and stupid.

The honest response, of course, would be to feel absolutely terrified. Too terrified to think about actually doing anything, much less taking time out to be nice to everyone. Besides, it's simply bonkers if you think you could change everyone's opinion of you in seven days. You go as you as you came.

But assuming one could rationally plan it out, here's my own top seven:

7) Scuba diving with great white sharks in the Great Barrier Reef
6) BASE jumping from the Eiffel Tower
5) HALO jump over the Pacific
4) Mountain biking down the Grand Canyon...without brakes.
3) Ride a bathysphere down the Mariana Trench
2) Smoke pot and shoot up on crack.
1) Complete all the Nethack quests.

And if I should buy the farm before my seven days are up...Dammit! I demand a full refund!


  1. good list, pero di ba travel time pa lang ubos na seven days mo? :)

    seven days is too short, dammit. if i'm going to get some sort of notice, can't it be at least labor-code compliant of 30-days? because you're right, part of time you'll just spend being terrified and then before you know it time's up

  2. He he...oo nga. So I'll probably stick with 1 and 2.