Thursday, October 11, 2007

Putting up

Put up or shut up, so the old dare goes. Well, this is me putting up.

I started the story last Monday, following one of the plotlines that came out as I was writing my treatise on Filipino science fiction. I finished just yesterday evening, coming in at around 3,400 words.

Now the real question is: is it any good?

And the answer is: I don't know. As you can see from the format and the quantity, you probably have a good idea where it's headed for. So I guess we'll see in a few months' time.

I'm pretty happy with the story. If I raced to finish it, it wasn't because of the deadline (I'm three weeks early); it's because the story needed to be spun out and I wouldn't get anything else done until I did so. I left another story half-finished, one with a plotline I also liked, because I wanted to write this. It's a story that disturbed me and took me to places that I wouldn't normally go.

But I wrote it, so naturally I'm a poor judge.

And if it doesn't make the cut? Well, that's armor for future rejections.

So there. I've put up.

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