Thursday, October 18, 2007

Poem: At season's end

and now that the season is done
we lay down
our swords and shields
we strip ourselves
of armor and helmets
we take off
our gowns and crowns
and we put to stable
our stallions and mares

no more ten-gallon hats
and six shooters
and stagecoaches
or eagle feathers
and tomahawks
and warpaint
and teepees

we turn in
our badges
and whistles
and moneybags
and masks

we power down
our jet packs
and ray guns
and robots
and rocket ships

we'll put on
our serious faces
and pretend to be
Responsible Adults
you can be Mom
and I can be Dad
and we'll each have
our nine-to-fives
to pay off the mortgage
and buy pretty things
to keep up with
the Joneses

i'll get a briefcase
you'll get a power suit
(sadly not
the kind
that lights up)
we'll sip
overpriced cappucinos
and fizzy drinks
with little umbrellas
to maintain
our perky looks
and smile
our rictus smiles
the customer
is always right

and off to the musty bin
the toys go
there to sleep
in the darkness
while they wait
for the coming
of the season
of that playtime
without end.

will we remember?

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  1. hi dom,

    excellent stuff!