Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Pardon

Excerpt from an opinion requested by an online news magazine:

...the timing and nature of the pardon is especially galling because it represents the nadir of a steep downward slide in morality, ethics, and plain good taste in the Philippine political sphere. We in the middle class clamored for Estrada's ouster in 2001 because of his blatant corruption, viz., gambling payoffs and insider trading. By replacing him with his then-constitutional successor, we had sincerely hoped that it would have been a change for the better. Instead, we were subjected to electoral fraud, kickback scams, and bribery.

If Estrada's removal was symbolic of our desire for a change for the better, then his pardon -- at this time and in this manner and by this administration -- is symbolic of the fact that so very little has changed.


  1. Maybe you all can impeach Gloria. Then, she can be brought to trial for corruption and bribery. After that, the new President can pardon her.

  2. That looks to be the idea, Robert: she's setting a precedent :-)