Monday, October 01, 2007


Land of Homemade Names is a New York Times article on how people in Zimbabwe choose baby names. Pleasant, short, and worthwhile read that will bring a smile to your face, moreso because it's a contrast to how we tackle the issue in the Philippines.

From the article:

In southern Africa, a child’s name is chosen to convey a specific meaning, and not, as is common in the West, the latest fashion.

“For instance, if it was windy, the name may be Wind. If it was rainy, it may be Rain,” said Matole Motshekga, the founder of the Kara Heritage Institute, based in Pretoria. “If there are problems in the family, they will use the appropriate name. So you cannot just name someone out of the blue. It has to relate to something.”

Which reminds me of an old joke:

Brave: Chief, me'um want to know where Indian names come from?
Chief: Indian name comes from first thing baby sees. Like your brother -- Sitting Bull. Or your sister -- Running Doe. Why do you ask, Shitty Little Black Dog?


  1. The version I heard had the punchline : "F***ing Dog?" on the end *snicker*

  2. you said, "it's a contrast to how we tackle the issue in the Philippines."
    I'm still trying to figure out where my wife's sisters got the idea for their children's names.( I won't mention what they are )