Thursday, October 11, 2007

Money can't buy class

Manny Pacquiao snubbed his homecoming victory in Manila today. According to

Citing "prior commitments," Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao will skip a hero's welcome in Manila when he returns home at daybreak Thursday after skillfully demolishing Mexico's Marco Antonio Barrera in the United States on Saturday night.

Pacquiao's handlers relayed his decision Wednesday to the city government, once ruled by one of his staunchest patrons, Lito Atienza, who is now environment secretary.

Pacquiao, though, seemed inclined to pay a debt of gratitude anew to Atienza, who had seen him rise to his current status. The boxer had given his word to the former mayor to show up exclusively at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources office and at MalacaƱang after the fight with Barrera.

Oh, well, the people of the City of Manila should be thankful there won't be more than the usual run of traffic today.

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