Thursday, October 11, 2007

Editorial professionalism

I hinted at it before, but now that Dean Alfar has mentioned it in his blog, I can say it out loud now: my first ever short story is part of the Philippine Speculative Fiction Anthology Vol. 3.

Tickled pink? Absolutely! I did the dance of joy (and no, you don't want to see that.)

This I must say, though: as an editor, what impresses me most about Dean is his promptness and professionalism. A couple of days after the deadline, I got an email acknowledging receipt of my submission, and not a machine-generated one, at that.

More than that is the fact that he actually responds with a critique of the work. My first attempt for the anthology two years ago was rejected, and rightly so (although it hurt at the time.) What I did appreciate was the short email (no more than two sentences) pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the story.

Now that's the kind of editor I want to write for.

Thanks, Dean.