Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Desperate Housewives flap

Uh-oh, looks like the Philippine Defense Squad dot Com is whipping itself up in a frenzy again, this time over a remark by Teri Hatcher's character in a Desperate Housewives episode.

Before the emails and blog posts really start flying, it's helpful to look at the issue in view of past patterns. Will a simple apology suffice, or do we want to take this to the logical and ultimate conclusion that we so often demand? Which is, of course... fire Teri Hatcher fire the writers of Desperate Housewives take Desperate Housewives off the air entirely, including both local free TV and cable TV erase all trace of Desperate Housewives from the Philippines, including bootleg DVDs swear to never ever watch the comings and goings at Wisteria Lane or even discuss it ever again

O ano, mga DH wannabees? Kaya ninyo?


  1. bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan huwag magalit.

    what the hell did they expect when doctors here study to be nurses in the US? Of course they will think the training of doctors here sucks because they end up being nurses there.

    I remember my mother's advice when I was a kid and was incessantly being teased by my peers...

    "If what they say about you isn't true, why give a fuss about it?"

  2. I'd register that domain but I'd have nothing to put on it.

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  4. Shades of Claire Danes. After we boycotted her, all her later movies went to the birds. But we showed them here anyway (after we said we wouldn't).

    It's a tempest in a teapot, IMHO.

    Oh, and welcome back, Dom. :)

    October 04, 2007 1:26 PM

  5. Well that didn't take long at all. Lawmakers call for ban:

    My favorite part:
    A leader in the Filipino community, lawyer Rodel Rodis, wants a retraction and a reversal of the show's offending statement.

    "What should happen is Desperate Housewives should have a future episode where Teri Hatcher says she wants to have a Filipino doctor because she heard that they're the best. Something that would come close to undoing the damage that was done," Rodis told the ABS-CBN North America Bureau.

    yes let's start writing fanfic to show them how serious we are

  6. Well looks like ABC and the show's producers apologized. The apology wasn't enough to satisfy a certain senator though. :-P

  7. Halu, Dom. Didn't want to write about the DH issue, but here are few points I consider:

    If this was a line uttered in an interview with Larry King, by all means, wage war. Fact is different from fiction. And besides, Teri's character Susan is the most unreliable source since season one, most clumsy too!

    Next thing you know people want a public apology from Godzilla for stomping over a Filipino in the streets of New York.

    Lastly, if one doesn't like the way he looks in front of a mirror, he should go to a plastic surgeon, or just look away.

    Should the world wage war against this woman?