Monday, October 08, 2007

Bike route last Sunday

Took my bike out for a ride yesterday afternoon, no particular destination in mind. I didn't really intend to go very far, but you know how it is: "Oh, I'm already here, I'll just see what's that further up ahead."

I ended up covering the Western half of Davao City.

I started in Obrero, went through the restaurant row at F. Torres. I turned north at the end, but hit a dead end. So south I went, until I hit the Bankerohan Public Market.

Oh, the bridge is just up ahead. Not very far. Okay. I'll go as far as Matina Town Square.

Oh, you know, NCCC Mall is just up ahead. Not terribly far. Okay. I'll bike over there.

Hmmm...they said if I turned right here in Ma-a Road I'll eventually hit Buhangin. Right-o!

Buhangin yet? Nope. A little further.

Buhangin yet? Nope. A little further.

Buhangin yet? Nope. Dang!

Eventually, I hit the Diversion Road. Now that I think about it, it was a scary ride because of all the speeding trucks and jeepneys. Ride, ride, ride.

Finally, I hit Buhangin, after a 15 km. stretch on the Diversion Road.

Buhangin, finally! Just a few kilometers till home. Down Dacudao Road, and finally, Obrero.


Total distance covered: 30km. Total time: 90 minutes, thereabouts.

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