Saturday, September 01, 2007

Outlook RSS Feed Reader Yuckiness

Warning: more geekiness up ahead. Must be because the moon is full.

This morning I had an email exchange with a pal from Dumaguete, the topic and direction of which brought a couple of laughs. (And I'm sure he won't mind if I post the thread here.)

Here's how it starts off:

...I have subscribed to the RSS feed of your blog using Outlook so that it would be delivered straight to my inbox to read every morning. I just noticed though that the date of each post is always “Sunday, 12/31/2006 8:00AM”. So all the new post are at the bottom of the list in a folder. I’m not sure if it is on the blog engine itself or it’s something you can tweak but you can check on that.

Response from me:

Anyway...the problem you mention is a bug on your Outlook feedreader.

Really it is.

;-) Ha ha ha!

Seriously, though, I just checked my feeds on Google Reader and the dates are okay. So I think it's how your feed reader handles Atom dates.

Response from my friend:

Hmmm.... I'm using the most advanced Office suite (office 2k7) running on the most advanced OS (vista ultimate) in the whole wide world, i don't think it's my feedreader having the problem... hehe..

But you're maybe right :-)... I just check the raw XML from your feed. I can see that it has the correct date in its node.

Interesting... I still don't think it's my most advanced office suite having the problem... hehe

And an addendum from him:

Alright... just did a quick google... it's a confirmed bug (Atom dates) in Outlook. They might have just overlooked this as they are very busy preparing Windows Server 2008, the most advanced server in whole wide world... hahaha

The final word, this time from me:

So now I can only say: "Beee-laaaaaat!" Ha ha ha!

Score another -1 for Microsoft!

Belat: goodness gracious, it's been ages since I've used that word.


  1. You can use feedburner to republish your Atom feed as RSS. They actually have this thing where they determine which feed format is best for a particular client, and sends the xml in that format.

    I found it particularly useful.

  2. Sssst, Dom... it's bElat as the first one. the second one means pussy (here kitty, kitty...hahaha). Methinks it's a freudian slip. bwehehehe!

  3. Roy: in industry parlance, it's called a kludge. Boo, Microsoft! Ha ha ha!

    Gilbert: oops! correcting it right now.

  4. just the guy to go-to. feedburner. rss feeds, xml, css. web 2.0 parlance i don't understand! heeeelllpppp me dom! how do i ping a certain site, for instance?