Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In Manila tomorrow...

...until September 19. Schedule will be unpredictable, what with my Two Senior Citizens being the focus of the trip, but if anyone wants to meet up, you know where to reach me.

What's definite is: September 15, AM: Software Freedom Day in UP Diliman; September 15, PM: SciFi Philippines Movie Marathon.

That, and book-hunting.


  1. Oh now I get it...self-imposed exile from Dumaguete. I thought you were already pining for Dumaguete at the start of your week's stay in Manila.
    Honestly though, I am enjoying my visits to Mindanao more. While I still get uneasy driving around Gen San, the bus ride to Davao is priceless - what with a landscape untouched by storms literally unfolds before your eyes. And what's not to like about Zambo: where a wealth of 50s-60s architecture mix with the variety of seafood and that sliver of danger, or the sheer anticipation of it, lurking in every corner. Then there's the excitement of Cagayan de Oro.
    And am so looking froward to going to Camiguin this December

  2. Hey, was nice meeting you again, Dom. Good to catch up on the gossip, haha. You dont look a day older than when I last saw you years ago.