Sunday, September 09, 2007

5-km Fun Run

Participated in my first 5-km Fun Run today. Who would've thought that a thin loop of plastic rope and a painted number on thick parchment paper would be so hard to get, and that once gotten, would give so much satisfaction?

I saw the invitation posted on a banner at the nearby Victoria Plaza the other day: the 3rd Ekiga 21-km Corporate Relay and 5-km Fun Run. I've been wanting to join one of these short runs ever since Dumaguete but I never really had the chance.

So I got up nice and early this morning -- as in 4:30AM early -- and marched over to Victoria Plaza, which is so close to our house, and still managed to get lost. Though I made it to the stands with time to spare, there was a long moment of hesitation. Did I really want to run this race even though I'm horribly terribly out of shape? Maybe next month would be better?

Ultimately I decided to bite the bullet. I signed up. Waited. Stood statue-like during the aerobics warm up because, well, I don't dance.

And then, off we went.

I was in the middle of the pack when we got started. Somewhere along the way, a 12-year old kid and his mom passed me by, then a trio of distinguished-looking gentlemen with streaks of black in their mostly gray hair, and finally, a chubby woman in her fifties whose shirt hugged her curves. I was alternating with this fellow racer for most of the way.

Our route would take us to Bajada, a little past the Davao Regional Hospital and the halfway mark near the Shell gasoline station. I tell you, 2.5 kilometers never seemed so far.

At the halfway mark, they gave us a loop of yellow rope to signify that we'd hit the checkpoint. Then it was back to Victoria. By then, the woman I was taking turns with on the lead was far far away.

I think I must've been the last to finish the race.

But I am proud of two things: I kept pace throughout. And I finished the race.


  1. My son Ezekiel also ran his 2nd 5K yesterday in this year's edition of the Milo Marathon qualifier in Bikol.

    I don't think I have what it takes to finish one, given my largely sedentary lifestyle.

    Congrats to both of you!

  2. at least you just think you were the last. the only time i joined a 5k run, two of us took forever to finish, the ambulance was already tailing us and trying to convince us to just hop on board and get it over with! we did not, though, we finished the race, as you did. congratulations!!

  3. Hi, guys, thanks for dropping by.

    Willy: hats off to Ezekiel, it's not as easy as it looks. (Then again, with a little practice, I don't think it's impossible, either.)

    Rina: I think there might have been a few people who didn't bother finishing the race at all, which is why, despite my standing, I'm still proud of my achievement. Congratulations, too, on persevering till the end!

    Next race is October 14.

  4. My friend, I got hooked on road running after a guy from an IBM business partner bragged that he lost weight running 10-Ks. And while he did lose weight, I just didn't like hearing him brag about it. So the next time a race came up, by Fila, I believe, I signed up for the 10-K. Up until that day , I had no idea what people meant by hitting the wall and boy, did I hit that proverbial boundary at around the 4.5-K mark. Lactic acid had built up in my quads and it was painful. Add to that the "stitch" and the heat migraine: I was loving it. My knees were buckling at 7.5-K but I focused on the eighty year old man running apace of me. He led my by a nose through the finish line. I couldn't have been prouder of myself then.