Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Talecraft in Class

My Creative Writing class had hit a bit of a plateau so I decided to bring a couple of my fiction-writing books...and my Talecraft deck.

Our professor started the class by reading out a few choice passages from a book he had just gotten (coincidentally, he also brought it that day), then followed it up with a reading from mine, and then I whipped out my Talecraft deck. There was instant interest: "What's that? How do we play it? How do we score?"

I gave a brief explanation of how the game ran, and distributed cards to my classmates, the prof included. Out of that impromptu session they came out with seeds of stories:

Paolo told a fantasy story of a spy sent out to betray rebels, falling in love with the rebel leader's aide, betraying his dark lord master, and being killed by the leader in the process. Aggrieved at her loss, the aide turned on her own leader and joined the dark lord.

Our professor, Don Pagusara, told a dark and moody story about a woman looking into a mirror to paint herself, only to see cat's eyes reflected back...from a cat that wasn't there. A truly hair-raising image, if there ever was one.

But the gem of the class came from Cieng, our model/basketball player. She told a sci-fi / time travel story that involved an Egyptian queen, android robots, and...sex. There were some truly innovative concepts, but which I won't reveal here.

All in all, a good session.

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