Saturday, August 25, 2007

Software Freedom Day Celebration in Davao

Draft press release for Software Freedom Day 2007 in Davao. Feel free to reuse for your own SFD celebrations.

Computers have become such an integral part of everyday living that it's no longer possible to dismiss them as simply a privilege and a luxury. Just as this technology impinges on many aspects of life, it now touches on many basic human rights -- to communicate, to educate oneself, to advance one's station in life, to earn a living, among others.

Consequently, access to computers should be made universally available to anyone who wants it, if only as a tool that is as fundamental as pen and paper. No one organization should have a monopoly, commercial or otherwise, that bars segments of society from its use.

With PC hardware costs coming down to commodity appliance levels, this ideal is coming close to reality. The same cannot be said of commercial proprietary software, though, as prices have remained more or less constant throughout the years. Moreover, their use and distribution is strictly controlled under pain of heavy legal penalties.

Software Freedom Day, held every third Saturday of September, is an international celebration that attempts to correct this imbalance by making more people aware of the availability of free software. Now on its third year, Software Freedom Day is celebrated in over 60 countries.

Free software allows people to do the same things they do with commercial proprietary software. There are free operating systems, free office productivity suites, free graphics editing software, free business applications, and free games.

Free software doesn't just mean free in cost: people can give away or receive free software without facing anti-piracy lawsuits. Free software can be used by anyone, can be studied by anyone, can be improved by anyone.

Davao City participates in marking this year's Software Freedom Day on September 15, 2007 with a day of lectures, tutorials, and free software demonstrations at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Bo. Obrero. The general public is invited. Admission is free.

Main lectures start at 1:30PM, but demonstrations will be available from 10:00 onwards. Free software for Linux, Windows, and Mac will be given out at the event. (As CDs are limited, visitors are advised to bring their USB flash drives for copying the software.)

Software Freedom Day 2007 activities in Davao are sponsored by University of Southeastern Philippines, DabaweGNU Linux Users Group, and Davao Union Drug. For more information, visit our web site.

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  1. Nice Info about Software freedom day. I hope that I can attend this event. If the work schedule is not hectic.

    See you there bro.

    I'm also a FOSS user. I use UbuntuStudio on my other PC.