Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reprinting an Old Post

With over a thousand entries in this blog, I was bound to come up with something that felt new -- even though I wrote it oh-so-many months ago. I was all set to bang out a new story for the Metro Post when I stumbled into this old gem entitled Stop It. (Well, a gem in my opinion, anyway.)

Rereading it elicited a chuckle. I know, I know: "Oh, sure, how conceited can you get?" But it wasn't so much because of my own wit as it was that I borrowed from the wit of three greats: Bob Newhart, Terry Pratchett, and GK Chesterton.

Anyway, here's the start of the post:

A number of blog and mailing list posts that I stumble upon nowadays have a lot to do with an inordinate amount of angst. People are trying either trying to find themselves or trying to find their purpose in life. As if there weren't enough real problems to worry about.

Following the immortal words of Bob Newhart, I want to shout out: "Stop it!"

Complete article here.

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