Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I brush with Crust...

...well, no, not really. Thank goodness.

Can you call this counterfeiting? Well, hmmm.... seems we have a gray area here. It's not branded Crest, after all. It's Crust. With a U.

Remember that a couple of months back, the US FDA ordered a recall of China-made toothpaste because they contained antifreeze? That hasn't stopped the local Unitop branch from purveying products. Wala naman sigurong antifreeze, kasi hindi naman malamig dito sa Pilipinas.

Ah, Unitop. Whereas Manila has Divisoria and Tutuban for all the China goods, Unitop seems intent on capturing the provincial market. Unitop in Davao opened last year, just around the same time that as Unitop in Dumaguete. In the news last year also was the branch in Ormoc which burned down, with several fatalities.

Still, you can't beat the prices. I dropped by to get a couple of hardware tools. Passing by the toiletries, I saw the toothpaste brands.

Can't get your teeth white enough with Crust? Try Collage! Need your breath fresher? Use Listeren. Regardless, sigurado ka nga dili mangilo imong ngipon...kay na-a may antifreeze.

Hmmm, not too long ago, there was also a popular Chinese brand called Darkie. That went well with the politically correct Americans.

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