Sunday, August 19, 2007

And even more Kadayawan pics

Whew! The last set. A video I took also follows.


  1. :) nice shot dom... looks like ur enjoying it.

  2. Loved all the pics. I'm sending a link of your blog to a friend from Davao.

  3. Hi Dominique.. Remember me? We met at the 1st Blogcon at Greenbelt.

    Anyway, I'll be in Davao Aug 24 - 25. I have some time between 3pm to 10pm and have emailed/commented on Blogi and Jun Macarambon. Any chance of linking up during that time?

    God bless

  4. Hi, Jun: I'm only available on the 24th as I'm going to Cotabato on the 25th. I usually hang out at Spro Coffee Shop on Friday evenings so that might be a good place to meet.