Monday, August 27, 2007

2 raised to the power 10

Because I am a die-hard geek, I dedicate this post to 210, otherwise known as 1,024.

And, of course, this post happens to be my 1,024th.

From the Wikipedia, a description of 1024, as used in computers:

In binary notation, 1024 is represented as 10000000000, making it a simple "round number" occurring frequently in computer applications.

1024 is the maximum number of computer memory addresses that can be referenced with ten binary switches. This is the origin of the organization of computer memory into 1024-byte chunks.

Thanks to Roy for the idea.


  1. Under American rule, when people were encouraged to populate Mindanao in the 1920's, they were awarded 24 hectares as homestead lots.

    For companies it was 1000 ha. plus the area of a homestead lot. Which made it 1024 ha. all in all.


  2. Hehehe. Nice post ;) geeky trivia on your blog about your blog :D

  3. Arghhh....head to...get out...if I could the home link... =P

  4. He he, thanks, all.

    Jap: wait till you see the post about my computer....


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