Saturday, July 21, 2007

"We have your wife and kids...."

As a footnote to Fr. Bossi's release, we have the following background story from the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

On Saturday, the 33rd day of Bossi’s captivity in Mindanao, government agents abducted the family of the kidnap group’s leader in a tit-for-tat gambit, a source privy to the negotiations for the priest’s release disclosed to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The kidnap leader’s family included his wife and three children, all in their early teens, said the source.

The source said serious negotiations started on Saturday when the kidnappers made their demand for a ransom of P50 million.

“Wag na lang. Magtago na lang kayo (Forget it. Just go and hide) because we have your family,” the government negotiators told the kidnappers, according to the source.

The kidnap leader was taken aback by the statement and that was when he started “to soften up,” the source said.

In jungle, strong always win.


  1. The person who admitted to kidnapping the wife and three kids of one of the alleged Bossi kidnappers should be investigated.

  2. Strange enough, it's good to know we're getting hardcores on these bastards.

  3. you need to use savagery to get through to savages. no tutti-frutti good shoes here.

    In the bowels of the abyss, only brute force can get you out.

  4. "Those who fight dragons too long become dragons themselves."