Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Use of language in "Visitation of the Gods"

Take-home exam for Engl 105, part 1.

Show how the use of language helps in the development of the theme of "The Visitation of the Gods."

"Visitation" is an examination of the state of Philippine public school education, and by extension, Philippine society. It shows a system built more on relationships than on competence. This portrayal occurs on two levels. On the more panoramic scale is the festive unfolding of events of the visit itself. In more detail, serving to dramatize the tension, is the brewing conflict between the idealistic Miss Noel and the boorish Mr. Sawit. Like a camera shifting focus from background to subject, the author manages to alternate seamlessly between the two.

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  1. this story was very nice, and i would like to thanks the author about the visitation of gods, because this story give inspiration to all teacher.


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