Monday, July 23, 2007

The people I grew up with

These are the people who helped raise me while I was growing up in the small pharmacy in Davao City in the 1970's.

Ninang Naida was my mother's friend and classmate who became our store pharmacist. She's still with us up to now.

Norma was another of my Mom's classmates. She worked with us for a while before starting her own drug store.

Ninong Nick was a salesman for Warner and a good friend of the family. He married Ninang Naida a long while back (with some matchmaking on my father's part.) He was my best friend when I was growing up.


  1. Union Drug is our clan's de facto official drugstore. Haha! Ever since I was young until now, we would buy medicines from Union Drugstore.

  2. Awww, gee, thanks, Ria! Appreciate the patronage over the years. Can't ask for better landlords, either.

    The store is as old as I am. It has a lot of emotional attachment for my parents, and I guess for me, too.