Monday, July 09, 2007

How I lost my Wii

I've lost my Wii. This is how it happened.

Dad was in Davao for the weekend. We were in the master bedroom, where the Wii and the big TV was. I was booting up the console for a quick game. "So, Pop," I said, "would you like to have a go?" Already, Wii Sports was coming up on screen.

"No," he said without much interest. Games were never really his thing.

"Are you sure?" I persisted. And he merely grunted.

I shrugged, then brought up the tennis game. I motioned a toss with my Wii-mote and whacked the virtual ball. The satisfying sound of the tennis ball's pop filled the room.

Now, tennis has been my Dad's favorite sport though it's been a while since he played. At the pop, he was instantly out of bed, looking at the game I was playing.

"So," I asked again, "do you want to have a go?"

I was still on the second serve. Dad stood up. I wrapped the Wii-mote strap around his wrist, showed him which buttons to push and all. And off he went.

I left the room momentarily. When I came back, Dad was whacking away excitedly. He was playing a best-of-five set. He was so caught up in the game he was moving across the room, closer and closer to the screen, with every return of the ball.

"Mirror! Mirror! Watch out for the mirror!" I cried.

"Oh, oops," he said, taking a few steps back. And on and on he played.

"Do you want to take it with you back to Dumaguete?" I asked after he had finished.

"Oh, no! no, not at all," Dad said. "I don't have time to play."

Now, with my Dad, there are two different kinds of No. A no that really means no, and a no that means "well, yes, if you convince me hard enough."

As it turned out, he really didn't need much convincing.

So Dad is on his way back to Dumaguete now, and the Wii console is snuggled safely (I hope) in his backpack. I've shown my sister how to hook it up, and by tonight, I hope they'll be enjoying a few rounds of virtual tennis.

And that, my friends, is how I lost my Wii.

(But I got myself a Nintendo DS....)


  1. aww, such a sweet son... :)

  2. Looks like you'll be missing out on this then ;)