Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Touring tips for Dumaguete and around

Excerpt of an email to a friend asking about things to see and do in Dumaguete and nearby places. I've already written a similar post before, and I thought I'd update it with some new information.

1) Casaroro Falls - probably one of my favorite spots. Wrote about it my recent visit here. It's a 90 foot waterfall with a relatively narrow veil up in the hills of Valencia. Best way to do this is to hire a van to take you all the way up to the entrance, after which it's a 300-step descent down a ravine. However, if you're up for a trek, or if the van won't want to navigate the remainder of the journey, at least have it drop you off at the "Y" junction. Then it's a 2-km trek uphill. Make sure to go a little early in the morning to steer clear of the sun at it's full strength.

2) Along the way to the falls, you'll also come across Forest Camp. It's a little pricey at P80 per head entrance fee, and if you've already done the waterfalls, you might feel shortchanged by the experience. But they do serve good food which you can enjoy under a canopy of trees and to the murmur of the runnuning stream.

3) Twin Lakes in Sibulan - The twin lakes are Balinsasayaw and Danao, and they're up a mountain near Sibulan. I wrote about it here. Swimming, kayaking, fishing, and a bit of trekking are some of the things you can do here. Best way is to hire a van to take you there. Pwede rin mag-habal-habal, but I don't recommend it as it's a little dangerous.

A van is around P2,000 per day, including driver. Worth it if there are several of you.

4) Spelunking in Mabinay and Bayawan. This I haven't actually done myself. But one adventurous fellas from the writers workshop went by her lonesome to Mabinay. She paid P500 for the tour, and that includes the guide and the gear.

Where are you staying in Dumaguete? I can recommend Check-Inn as it's new and relatively cheap (P650 for a twin bed room). It also provides free Internet access in the rooms!

As to Siquijor, I've never stayed overnight, but during the last workshop, some fellows stayed at Coral Cay. Around P1,500 per night, good for four people. The resort has a pool and kayaks, and there's good snorkelling around the area. They have a website.

You can rent a multicab / easyride van around Siquijor for under P1,000 per day. And you'll need it if you're going to go around. There's lots of old churches to visit, most notably the church and convent in Lazi.

You should also visit the Cambugahay Waterfalls in Siquijor. I've never been there myself but from the pics it looks very nice.

I hope this helps! Feel free to email me if you have more questions!