Sunday, June 03, 2007


"What distinguishes a Mindanaoan blogger from other Filipino bloggers?"

The question came from newfound blogging buddy Migs as some of us local bloggers met at Karl's Koffee Korner in SM City Davao this afternoon. So there we were, six of us -- Blogie, Migs, Marc, Andrew, and Ria, and me -- milking that little corner of Karl's for all the overpriced coffee was worth. We were bouncing around ideas about blogging culture.

And that's when Migs threw the ball at us.

(Thanks to Marc for the photo.)

For some reason, the answer came easily enough.

Mindanaoans -- whether from Davao, Cotabato, Zamboanga, Bukidnon, Agusan, or elsewhere -- have some sense of identity of being Mindanaoan. We recognize that we come from our own little towns and cities, and we have our loyalties there. But we also recognize that we are part of a bigger idea, never mind the occasional agreement in direction. That idea is Mindanao.

In contrast, this idea is practically nonexistent among Visayans and Luzonians.

I have never heard anyone from the Visayas say that he was Visayan, except perhaps in relation to the language that he speaks. One is Cebuano, Boholano, DumagueteƱo, Ilonggo, or Waray. But not Visayan.

Much less have I heard of people from Luzon refer to themselves as Luzonians. (I was not even sure that such a word was correct.)

And people from Metro Manila? Well, ManileƱos think that the Philippines is Manila and vice versa. 'Nuff said.

Agree? Disagree? Why or why not?

No analysis for now, just an observation I thought I'd note lest I forget. Certainly a topic ripe for exploration.


  1. "Smoothly"... Hmmm... As long as we're clear there was no arm-twisting involved. ;)

    I like your ideas on the Mindanao Bloggers Summit's theme, Dom! Keep 'em coming!

  2. While I'm proud to be Ilonggo, I'm also proud to be Davaoeno and I have called Davao my home since I first discovered its beauty ten years ago.

    You are right about people in the Visayas. We don't call ourselves Visayans. But, the body of water that separates the Visayan islands never hindered its people to easily travel from Bohol to Cebu to Negros to Guimaras to Panay to Boracay, etc.

    Maybe Mindanaoans can promote this sense of accessibility. Being one big island, it would be nice to go backpacking throughout Mindanao.

    I've only been to the nearby cities in Davao. I wish to go to Zamboanga or Cotabato but the negative news always discourage me.

    Thus, the role of the blogger comes in...I think Mindanaoan bloggers have the responsibility to show what their locale really is and not how the media paints it. Anyway, I know this summit will be more than just an eyeball, so congratulations in advance.

    Good luck to you guys. I'll try to catch the second summit =)

  3. Hi, Jap: you know, you touched on another important point. The idea of Mindanao is not limited to the place of origin; it welcomes those who want to be part of it, regardless of where they came from.

    Might it be because of Mindanao's settler history? Hmmm....

  4. When one visits Davao and any other part in Mindanao.. there's this kind of feel na different from other places.

    i have come to love everything about Mindanao. both the good and the bad for one cannot exist without the other..

  5. okay, i can't keep track of where you are. i was going to leave you a message that we're planning a dumaguete trip for this weekend and here i find that you're in davao!