Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back to School

I'm going back to school.

I'm aiming for a master's degree, at long last. However, with the field that I've chosen, it seems I have to take some back undergraduate subjects. Not a biggie, really, as they're classes I think I'll appreciate.

The problem, I've come to learn, is in getting in.

One would think that, at my age and with my credentials, it's easy enough to enroll. But -- oh, no! -- the bureaucracy does not consider either as qualifications. You MUST meet the requirements. You MUST fill up the proper forms. You MUST get in line. Et cetera, et cetera.

The forms are particularly funny. It's been a long while since I've had to fill in my parent's names, addresses, and occupations. And what's that line about a guardian? Do I really need to fill that in?

Philippine universities, it seems, do not really make the proviso for professionals going back to school for a different track than what they originally studied for (with the possible exception of nursing prgrams.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get my Mom to sign an approval slip. Sigh.


  1. i know what you mean, i particulary hated the essays.BTW while you're at it don't forget to ask your mom for your baon :-)

  2. Good luck! What program are you taking?

  3. I remember Rene Sanapo taking that same route a few years back, via Ateneo de Davao if I'm not mistaken.

    Your experience as resident village idiot savant from Davao and Dumaguete will always be an advantage. You can seldom find an academic who's not only a blogger, but is also into a lot of things. Most of them, by force of circumstance, a kinda racehorses married to their research and field of specialization.

    Rock their world, Dom.:)

  4. yeah, what field? I'm assuming something along information technology? or creative writing?

    or better yet, creative writing for information technology?


  5. wow back to school for you too? be blessed on your new endeavor

  6. Back to school eh? What's going to happen if you're smarter than your instructor?

  7. Thanks for all the messages of support, guys! Actually, I'm taking a sideways step by going into Literature, specifically, MA Ed. in Teaching English with Literature. But for now, I still have to take some back subjects.

    Plus points to Gelo for getting the answer right!

    And in answer to Jon: I'll have a few Palanca winners for professors so I'm sure they'll have a few tricks to teach me.

  8. Hi Dom.

    Wishing you the best on your new adventure.

    Where are you enrolling?

    Does this mean that you will have more lit-themed blog posts? :)