Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sylar button idea

Fan group Heroes Philippines was soliciting for ideas for, er, unofficial merchandise to be circulated within the group. Here's my idea for a Sylar-themed button. Also works as a t-shirt design, I think.

The first season of Heroes is drawing to a close and Sylar, strangely enough, is getting to be my favorite character. Perhaps I'm simply getting tired of the foot-dragging and whining on the part of the other heroes. Sylar, in contrast, is a character with strong motivations.

The only way for Hiro to get back to his old position is to, well, kill Sylar.

"This is usually the part where people start screaming."


  1. was persuaded by my brother to watch heroes, and after seeing the first episode, i got really hooked and watched the succeeding 19 episodes after - all in a day (was able to grab all 22 episodes from him and neatly filed in my pc). now i'm waitin for the 23rd episode which, i was told, should be the last one.

  2. i havent tried watching it yet.. too busy. nyahaha, i have soo many pending series... in my pc. sigh. isa na to sa list ko

  3. Good news for you guys. Heroes has been renewed for a second season and is also getting a six-episode spinoff entitled "Heroes: Origins."

    Tina: pa-kopyaaaaa!

  4. it's out. the first 3 minutes of season 2 will be the last 3 minutes of season 1.

    so i guess the bomb will explode!

  5. At least we have something to watch until Season Two starts again in September. But, what else to watch to fill the time?

  6. What? "Heroes: Origins?" OMG! Could this be about the story of the "1st generation" heroes?

  7. Hi, Don: from what I read, "Heroes: Origins" will feature stand-alone stories about new heroes. Viewers will vote on their favorite and that character will become a regular on the main show.

    Hi, PB: hmmm, haven't seen it yet, but will wait for the entirety of the episode. The New York explosion as an inevitable occurence will certainly turn fan expectations on its head. Plus side: we'll see the resolution of the Peter-Sylar battle.

    Hi, Chaz: Doctor Who!!!

  8. The finale was awesome !!! ;-) .. can't wait for next season.