Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pacquiao and Schadenfreude

Pacquiao ‘sad,’ ‘depressed’ over poll results, lost cash says the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Alright, everyone, all together now:


From the article:

MANILA, Philippines -- Manny Pacquiao was described as “sad” and “depressed” as he continued to trail frontrunner Rep. Darlene Antonino-Custodio in the Congressional race for South Cotabato’s first district.

Sources from the boxer’s campaign staff said that Manny’s misery was not only due to the election results. He also lost huge sums of money when his trusted backers allegedly funneled cash from the champion boxer’s campaign chest to their respective pockets, the sources said.

Pacquiao received 18,535 votes as against Custodio’s 34,112.


  1. Somebody mentioned that Manny is like the village idiot (no pun intended Dom!) who thinks that he is loved by all because of all the children following him!

    Also somebody said that his idiocy is exposed every time he opens his mouth!

    Nobody doubts though that everybody loves Pacquiao the boxer, but not all loves Pacquiao the politician.

    I told you so Manny!

  2. In my opinion, it's good that Manny lost the election. It i to the advantage of Pinoy Boxing that he stays focus in his job in the ring.

  3. I suppose there's nothing like a dose of humility to improve character.

  4. Some people got to learn the hard way. Oh well.

  5. I have only two words for Manny:

    Nganong mi-enter!

  6. Jute: aw, e di ako-a isa ra: