Monday, May 07, 2007

Video rental joints

This picture is in answer to Sean's comment, which in essence posited that piracy has driven out the video rental business.

First, we must look at the factual premise: that the rental business is dead. And apparently it's not.

The rental business is alive and well in the rural/provincial areas, where incomes are lower and therefore there's a greater incentive to share out the costs in the community.

On the other hand, you won't see video rentals in upscale areas like central Makati because, well, it's a place where people think nothing of plunking down P150 for a Starbucks frap. Rent from a video store? For shame! for shame! The debutantes would never be caught dead!

I can also think of another reason why video rentals make sense: just look at the piles and piles of bootleg DVDs that you've accumulated. Really, why spend P60 when for P10 or P20 you can rent the video and not have to think about storing it afterwards.

When video rental shops do go out of business (and eventually, they will), it will be mainly because of the advance of technology (of which, admittedly, piracy does play a role). And by then they'll join other anachronisms outmoded by technology, viz., the manual typewriter, the pager, and the buggy whip.

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  1. Christopher BaluyutMay 07, 2007 8:14 PM

    Video Renting is still alive and well. I'm a member of a Video City branch in Cubao and by weekends or holidays, some of the video shelves are "near empty" and by weekdays, there are still patrons :) I just wish that the DVD selections is more, I like watching DVD on my Zenwalk system :)