Monday, May 07, 2007

Lilo-an Port Crew

Crossing from Cebu island to Negros, you embark from the small port of Lilo-an for the ferry. Ordinarily, the transfer is rushed because the boat is always just about to leave. This time around, though, only one ferry was operational so the intervals were longer.

The port crew looked so colorful in their uniforms I decided to take shots of them at rest and in action.


  1. Wow.. i like their uniforms! :P

  2. Lilo-an? In Negros? Or is it La-la-an? in Sibulan, right?

  3. Gelo: it's Lilo-an, on the southern tip of Cebu. It means "place of waves" or something like that. Sibulan is on the Negros side/

    Tina: yes, it's a nice touch.