Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Heroes S01E20: String Theory

I can't say enough how pleased I am with how the Heroes series is shaping up. Two more episodes to go and things look to be headed for a big finish, with no obvious loose threads in sight. This is how entertainment is supposed to be.

"String Theory" follows Hiro and Ando as they travel five years into a much darker future. It's a future where they failed to stop the catastrophe in New York. They meet future versions of old friends and enemies and friends-turned-enemies.

Now I hope that's not saying too much. I ruined part of my own experience by reading some spoilers before I actually got to watch the show. Serves me right for being impatient. Nevertheless, even knowing how the surprise turns out, I was caught in the storytelling.

What differentiates Heroes from other shows I'm following is how neatly things are coming together. It's pretty hard to do that with an ensemble cast, much less with an unfolding storyline arc that's an entire season long. The "Heroes" crew really outdid themselves.

I have no doubt I'll be watching the entire series from the very beginning once this season ends, just to see how well the entire plot comes together.