Monday, May 14, 2007

Casaroro Falls

This is probably my best and most favorite shot of Casaroro Falls. I think it gives a sense of scale of the waterfalls. The mysterious figure in the foreground is Janina Rivera, one of the Fellows for this year's Writers Workshop. And to think this was taken with my Nokia 6233 cellphone!

Yesterday I took some of the Fellows up to Valencia, with our ultimate goal the waterfalls some five kilometers further uphill. We left the car at Forest Camp and hoofed it onwards.

I had taken this trail before last year, I knew it to be a little tough, I just didn't remember how tough! Still, no one really thought about giving up and turning back. We braved on, despite the rough roads and steep inclines.

It was worth it by the time we got to the falls. You could see the tired faces perk up and gasp in wonder. Everyone took a dip, except me. Later on, everyone was commenting how refreshed they were, due in no small part to the soft waters of Casaroro.

At the start of the trail, still close to Forest Camp.

Finally! the entrance to Casaroro Falls. This was after two hours of trekking (with a little cheating in between, by way of a short -- a very short -- tricycle ride.)

Heading down the steps...

...and taking a little time to admire the view

Down at the camp area, a quick stop on the suspension bridge....

My obligatory Buddha shot.

And, of course, what better reward after a gruelling trek than to frolic in the waters?