Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Soldier Artist

BBC News carried an feature about US Marine artist Staff Sgt. Michael Fay (picture taken from BBC News web site). In this day of digital cameras and satellite uplinks, it's interesting to see an old tradition still carried out.

Throughout history, war, has also been the subject of art. War is a breeding ground for intense emotions which in turn find their way into the canvas. And it's different from photojournalism because it's filtered through the eyes of the artist.

Staff Sgt. Fay is probably unique, though, because he actually fights alongside his unit. This gives him a somewhat unique perspective. Fay's work, as can be seen from his blog, seems to emphasize the weariness that war brings to the soul.

Other links related to Fay:
  • Fire and Ice, Michael Fay's blog
  • Marine Combat Artist keeps tradition alive, a feature article in CareerJournal
  • Combat Illustrator Draws on Marine Life, an extended profile on Fay
  • Artists to Soldiers, of which Fay is a member

    And check out this exhibit of art from World War I, sponsored by UNESCO on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the armistice.

    1. ... Extraordinary! ... thats the only word that comes to my mind.

    2. wow wow. he is so good. :P amazing!

    3. He,, no? Check out the BBC link for more samples of his artwork. His blog also features sculptures.