Friday, April 20, 2007

Pet Street Gallery web site

Presenting my latest project: the Pet Street Gallery web site. Pet Street Gallery is my sister's pet accessories shop and I've been bugging her to get a web site. Well, guess who had to do it?

Seriously, it was both at my urging and my own initiative that I put the site together. It was a chance for me to exercise my Joomla chops on a moderately sized website, and this was a good candidate to work on.

As a learning exercise it turned out quite well. I handcoded the template for a little CSS practice, I got to use several additional Joomla components and modules, and I put in a lot of product photography and photoediting as well.

It was the first time in a long while since I've registered a domain. Cheapskate moi has been holding off on making any expenditures. But this was finally something worth spending on. I registered via Google -- a little more expensive than the usual, but considering the speed with which I was able to get everything together, it was a good decision.

Email was via Google Apps, again another decision I'm happy with. I tied our Gmail accounts to the email addresses. Additional bonuses by way of the other Google applications.

Probably the really tiring bit was populating the site with data. I've come to believe that any engagement such as this -- with a reluctant customer -- requires some critical mass of content to get the customer enthused. It's worked to some degree: my sister now feels some ownership of the web site. But from here on, it's still an uphill battle, at least for the next two months.

Feel free to visit and register!


  1. I survived Bohol on my mountain bike! Thanks for the Barangay Biking idea. We went there and had hilarious encounters with locals about the name. Watch the docu on the trip on I-Witness April 23, Monday night.

    Mentioned you in my blog. Happy trails!

  2. Thanks, Howie! Will be watching the show. Can't wait to see the chicanery you pulled on the folks from Biking.

  3. Hey, nice, promising site! Informative and useful for us dog (and cat) owners. :-)