Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My New Ride

I bought a new mountain bike last Monday, a nice little number with an Italian-made alloy frame. It's quite light and came at a very nice mid-range price (hint: under P13,000.00)

I suppose it was inevitable. I was feeling miserable from being away from a bike.

Davao doesn't have as many nice trails close by as Dumaguete does, and the main roads are almost always full of traffic. But since I'm just regaining my strength, the roads that I do have are sufficient for now. What's important is I'm back on the saddle.

Maybe I'll go on a longer jaunt this Holy Week weekend. Whee!


  1. nice ride, dom! i miss cycling too... but i'm already working out, more than enough in fact.

    in case you didn't know yet, there are a couple of cycling groups in davao. one group hangs out at MTS.

  2. hey, nice ride!

  3. Hi, Blogie: no point in me getting a six-pack....I already have a barrel. =) Seriously, am planning to enroll in swimming class at H. Maybe next week.

    Hi, Marianne: thanks!

  4. nice bike dude

    your right theres no trails nearby because of traffic and stupid drivers
    who are ready to run you over like a tomato. i prefer riding in samal island. hope to ride with you one of this days