Saturday, April 07, 2007

An Early Morning Procession

Good Friday was my very own Shutdown Day. As my Holy Week sacrifice, I resolved not to turn on my desktop, my laptop, or even my Wii.

Instead, I started my day with the Sacred Heart Parish's Way of the Cross. As you'll see from the pictures, not a bad turnout for a community event at 4:30 in the morning.

Our Via Dolorosa took us around the neighborhood. Starting from the church grounds, we made our way through A. Loyola, then through Dacudao, all the way to Victoria Plaza, before starting to wend our way back.

As it was still dark, torches borne by altar boys and escorts lit the way, augmented by candles from many of the parishioners. T'was a somewhat eerie sight, about four hundred of us marching so early in the morning. Barangay tanods and a small police detail accompanied us all the way through, diverting what little traffic there was and generally providing us with security.

Young and old alike were in the group. And as with most Filipino church activities, the mood was still somewhat festive, though a little more subdued than usual, in view of the season.

The whole journey ended some two hours after it began, and by then it was already light.

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