Thursday, April 12, 2007

Doctor Who

I confess I haven't really followed the Doctor Who mythos but my sister and I have just become new fans of the current series. We watched "The Shakespeare Code" episode this afternoon and it was a blast.

David Tennant plays a charming and absent-minded Doctor -- excuse me, "The Doctor." Freema Agyeman on the other hand is a beautiful yet atypical heroine: she's neither supertough or whiny; instead, she has this wide-eyed look of wonder at all the adventures she's been accidentally thrust into.

In "The Shakespeare Code," the duo travels to London in 1599. Three witches are looking to cause Major Trouble using the Bard as their unwitting agent. And, well, I guess you'll just have to watch it. it's too damn good for spoilers.

Shakespeare, played by Dean Lennox Kelly, is equal parts rogue and genius. The character breaks the usual cliches about a person encountering time travellers from the future. Oops, I hope that's not saying too much.

In any case, there are plenty of Shakespearean references all throughout, such as the Globe Theater, the Sonnets, and the most famous lines from Shakespeare's plays.

Easily the best lines are: "I don't care what you call that, I know that's a DNA replication unit", "...what if I step on a butterfly?" and "...political correctness gone mad..." Ahem, just watch it.

And, yes, Harry Potter fans: watch out for the JK Rowling references.

Watch it! Watch it!

(PS: anyone have the first two seasons?)

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