Saturday, April 07, 2007


The Way of the Cross ended at around 6:30AM, and it was already light. I took a quick light breakfast and brought my bike out, intending to ride all the way to Damosa. The next event wouldn't be till 3:00PM so I figured I had enough time for some Good Friday mischief, just like last year.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be: a flat tire waylaid my plans somewhere in Bajada.

I had actually gotten as far as the Buhangin juncture. I missed a turnoff somewhere and got along farther than I expected. Not an easy task, considering I'm very much out of shape. When I did decide to turn back, I took a couple more wrong turns and ended up on the Bajada highway.

Fair enough, at least I knew the way. Then my cellphone rang. Ugh! Some friendly tech support for a Ubuntu newbie pal. I took the call anyway, fired off some sage advice, and when I was just about to pedal off again, I noticed the bike was feeling sluggish.

Front tire was okay. Rear tire, utterly completely totally deflated.

Gas station nearby, thank goodness. But...their shop was closed! And the compressor was off!

I trudged back, passing several roadside vulcanizing shops. All closed. But what did I expect? It was Good Friday, after all.

By the time I got to a car shop that was kind enough to give me air, I was close to home already. Newly pumped with air, I tried to ride the rest of the way home. Still no good. The tire gave out again. @#%&!

So I got home at 8:30AM, some two hours after I started. I told my Mom and my sister about my little misadventure, about where I had to turn back. Apparently, I did a five kilometer walk pushing my bike. Not quite the mischief I intended, instead it was more of a mishap. But nothing too serious.


  1. what a day... well.. just charge it to experience.. :P

  2. Ha, ha, no harm done. Believe me, I've had much worse.